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Gambella needs attention, says Ethiopian rights commission

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC/Commission) said treatment of prisoners needs to be impro

Ethiopia announces 10 million Birr reward to capture TPLF fugitives

The Government of Ethiopia today announced a 10 million Birr (about $250,000) reward for anyone who i

Ethiopia launches final military operations in Tigray

The Government of Ethiopia said it has launched final phase of military action to bring to justice th

TPLF to target civilians using Eritrean, Ethiopian army uniforms

Using Ethiopian defense force and Eritrean army uniforms it has produced at Almeda Textiles Factory,

Ethiopia’s Gambella region aims to export fish

With the aim of commencing fish export and creating 5,000 jobs for the youth, the Gambella Region of

Ethiopia reports 250 new coronavirus cases

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia today reported 250 new confirmed coronavirus cases after conductin

House told Ethiopia’s ruling party to stay on power

NEWS- The House of Federation of Ethiopia today passes a bill allowing the current federal and region

Opportunities to boost sesame production in Ethiopia

By Elias G/Selasssie – Sesame is one of the major commercial grain crops agricultural products

Prime Minister Abiy of Ethiopia warns opposition parties

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia warns opposition political parties who called for the establish