Abiy says Ethiopia always pursues dialogue, negotiation with Sudan

The Government of Ethiopia would continue to uphold dialogues, negotiations and brotherhood approaches to solve the Ethio-Sudan border dispute, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said.

The Premier told local media that Sudan annexed some Ethiopian territories as the Ethiopian National Defense Forces in the area were deployed to the law enforcement operation in Tigray State.

“Taking lessons from the Ethio-Eritrean border war that took place two decades ago, the government would not resort to war to address the dispute since war is unnecessary for both sides.”

Abiy highlighted that the issue of Ethio-Sudan border conflict has to be resolved through dialogue, negotiations and brotherly approaches that are significant to both.

“Ethiopia and Sudan are living together through helping one another during difficulties, since the people of the two countries are close-knit family. As long as we are a people with many opportunities to grow and develop together, any attempt that leads to war and conflict is not important for both Ethiopia and brotherly people of Sudan.”

The PM said, however, that if Sudan rejects all peaceful means of solving the border issues, it must be known that no nation can stay peaceful by illegally annexing an inch of land from Ethiopia. Moreover, solving the Ethio-Sudan border dispute peacefully is vital for both nations since the two countries share common cultures, languages and people.

“The government of Ethiopia believes the patience of the security forces to solve the border dispute through peaceful mechanisms is appropriate.”

However, the patience would continue as long as it does not violate the rights of the people and territorial integrity of the country. The border dispute must be solved through legal means, dialogue and give and take manners, he reiterated. The Ethiopian Herald June 25/2021