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Foundation laid to build East Africa TVET center of excellence

A foundation stone has been laid today to build the East Africa Region Technical and Vocational Educa

P.M Abiy Ahmed inaugurates ‘African Leadership Excellence Academy’

Designed to develop world class leadership as part of Ethiopia’s Vision for Prosperity (#VisionForP

SAP extends digital skills build to Lusophone Africa

SAP’s flagship digital skills build initiative the Young Professionals Program is celebrating i

Leeds Equity, Genius SIS partner to expand virtual learning

Leeds Equity Partners, the private equity firm dedicated exclusively to investing in the Knowledge In

Robotel signs a strategic alliance to develop a digital curriculum to teach Arabic

Robotel, developer of the SmartClass teaching platform and leader in the development of digital curri

U.S. to help improve English language skills in Ethiopia

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia announced the launch of “Helen’s Journey,” a radio dr

New fund to nurture Africa’s reading culture

The International Publishers Association (IPA) will today begin accepting proposals for projects to d

ECA engages media in data production, sharing

The African Centre for Statistics (ACS) at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) on Tuesday hosted

AU, ARC launch gender disaster risk management platform

The African Union (AU) and the African Risk Capacity (ARC), have launched the Gender and Disaster Ris