Abiy meets Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission members

Abiy meets Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission members


Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed received report of the National Reconciliation Commission, which has been working to resolve the differences among different communities in Ethiopia.

The differences among the communities in some parts of Ethiopia have been mentioned as the major cause for the deadly ethnic violence, which the country is witnessing over the past few years. Members of the Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission, established one year ago, met with PM Abiy to discuss and review progress of activities undertaken, according to the information from the Office of the Prime Minister.

It is stated that the discussion involves the development of a strategic plan; forging partnerships with various entities and groups, stakeholder consultations in different areas and taking targeted interventions following conflict in some pockets of the country.

“After reviewing the key milestones presented by representatives of the commission, PM Abiy provided direction in how to further strengthen activities by focusing on the capacity & potential of the commission to execute key activities through creating goodwill,” twitted the Office of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Reports show that among the reasons for the current clashes between different communities include different narrations and histories, which labeled certain ethnic groups as oppressors of other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Among the measures taken by the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who came to power about two years ago include organizing a commission with religious and respected figures in the society to fix the narrations and bring peace among different communities. To bring national consensus, the country has also been engaged in revising its history text books over the past few years though the process is not yet finished.