Abiy meets Prosperity Party leaders from Tigray

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, who is also the leader of the re-branded ruling coalition, Prosperity, met with leaders of the new ruling coalition from Tigray Region.

Dr. Abiy met with the leaders on Tuesday at his office in Addis Ababa where the leaders of Prosperity Party in Tigray region raised several issues, according to the state broadcaster – ETV. The leaders involve Abraham Belay (PhD.), who was CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and recently appointed as Minister of Innovation and Technology.

The report stated that arrest people from Tigray Region, budget and fear of invasion by another country, which was not mentioned by name, were among the questions raised by the leaders to the Prime Minister Abiy.

After loosing its dominance in the former ruling coalition in Ethiopia ((Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Front – EPRDF) and within the federal government, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) has refused to join the newly born Prosperity Party of Ethiopia, led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Some of the hardliners who are in the leadership of the TPLF, who have considered themselves as the only representative of all people of Tigray, have also been indicating their plan to form a new coalition involving people from other ethnic group, which they called ‘federalist forces’.

Following that the TPLF has also announced its separation from the EPRDF (now Prosperity) officially and claimed share from the asset of the coalition. That has followed by the decision of the national Electoral Board of Ethiopia, which decided TPLF to get one forth of the assets of the coalition as the coalition was formed by four ethnic and region based parties (Oromo, Amhara and Southern parties).

As a result many people were questioning about the fate of Prosperity Party in Tigray Region of Ethiopia, which at times has been considered by the TPLF hardliners as a de facto state relying on the arms in the region accumulated during the war with Eritrea and their battle experience as an advantage.

In their statement the leaders of Prosperity in Tigray Region, which was sent to ETV, they stated that some groups who tried to hijack the struggle and sacrifices of Tigray people will not represent the interest of all people of Tigray. They also criticized those who try to undermine the sacrifices and struggle made by the people of Ethiopia for today;s Ethiopia.