Ethiopia to establish interim administration in Tigray region

Following the military confrontation between the federal government and the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) hardliners, who refused to obey the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy and the federal constitution, the House of Federation of Ethiopia today decided for the establishment of an interim administration in Tigray Region.

“The House of Federation of Ethiopia, in accordance with the powers vested in it by the Constitution and Proclamation No. 359/1995, decided to establish an interim administration in Tigray State and other related decisions. The House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) convened an emergency meeting today, October 28, 2013, to establish an interim administration in accordance with the Constitution and Proclamation No. 359/1995,” said the House of Federation in its statement.

The press statement from the federal Government of Ethiopia released this mornings indicated that the House has passed the following decisions:

The illegal Tigray regional government carried out a vicious attack on the heroic national defense force in the region on the night of October 30, 2013. It also carried out attacks on the border areas of the Amhara region, injuring civilians and property.
Article 12 of Proclamation No. 359/95 of the Federal Government on the Intervention of the Federal Government

(1) armed violence;
(2) unresolved disputes with another nation or region over a nation, ethnic group or people;
(3) Violation of federal peace and security shall be deemed to be an act or act which endangers the constitutional order. In light of this provision, it has been established that the illegal and illegal activities of the Tigray Regional State are further activities that endanger the constitutional order.

Accordingly, Article 62 (9) of the FDRE House of Federation has the power to order the federal government to intervene if any state violates the constitution and endangers the constitutional order. Article 36 (1) of the Proclamation No. 251/93, which lists the powers and functions of the House of Federation, may order the Federal Government to take appropriate and appropriate action when it deems that the House of Federation has jeopardized the constitutional order in a region and Article 13 (4) of Proclamation No. 359/95.

The House ruled that the intervention of the federal government was necessary if it deemed it necessary to intervene, and that it was appropriate to stop the illegal Tigray regional government as it had endangered the federation’s constitutional and federal system. Therefore, the House of Federation, using the powers and responsibilities given to it by the Constitution and its proclamations, has decided the following:

1. Ordered the Federal Government to intervene to stop the act that endangered the constitutional order; In accordance with Article 14 (2) of Proclamation No. 359/95, the Prime Minister has been instructed to deploy the Federal Police or the National Defense Forces or both in the region in order to prevent disasters in accordance with the Emergency Proclamation.

2. Determined the establishment of the Provisional Administration, which is accountable to the Federal Government and the powers and functions vested in it by Article 15 of Proclamation 359/1995. Accordingly, the interim administration, in collaboration with other relevant government bodies, will take steps to address the situation that threatens the constitutional order. It will also have the functions assigned to it by the state’s highest executive body. In particular, the interim administration;

A) Directs and coordinates the executive body;
B) Appoint the interim administration officials;
C) Ensures the implementation of law and order;
D) The conduct of the regional elections in accordance with applicable law
E) Approves the plan and budget of the region;
F) Performs other functions provided by the Federal Government.

3. The Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has decided to submit a quarterly report to the House of Federation regarding the implementation of the above-mentioned decisions and the situation in the region.

Finally, the House of Federation calls on the people of Tigray and the people of our country to stand by the Federal Government and the interim administration, including the heroic Defense Forces, who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of the people and the country in order to protect the country’s sovereignty.

In addition, the House of Federation calls on all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia to stand guard and protect the forces that are working to disintegrate our country by striving for each other as advocates and guarantees for each other and to strengthen our national unity.

After losing it political and economic monopoly in Ethiopia in April 2018 after 27 years of dictatorship, the TPLF leaders have been reacting to every decagons of the federal government as opposition party of the coalition they established when they come to power in 1991 through arms struggle.

During a press briefing on the current military operations in Tigray Region, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed indicated that the current military operation in Tigray Region of Ethiopia is no different from the kind of restoring law and constitutional order the federal government has implemented effectively in Somali region of Ethiopia and Welega areas in Oromia Region.