Tokyo set to host World Smart Energy Week 2017

Tokyo invited invited all green, clean tech professionals and companies for its upcoming Japan World Smart Energy Week set to take place between March 1-3, 2017. 

The organizers invited global green technology sector companies to exhibit and showcase the technologies/products there, and as well invites professionals operating in the sector and seeking to learn more about the most recent advances.

Japan has been notable for its avant-gardism, its leadership, and its competitiveness in the area of green technology and clean energy, considerably in terms of its investment in research and development for Smart and Renewable Energy efficiency technologies. In addition, Japan also tends to be the world’s second-largest investor in renewable energy, reaching a threshold of 23 GW of installed renewable energy sources (including 9 GW of hydro power and 5.6 GW of solar power).

World Smart Energy Week 2017, is organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan bringing 1,570 exhibitors including 9 renewable energy shows- FC EXPO 2017 -13th Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo, PV EXPO 2017-10th Int’l Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo, PV SYSTEM EXPO- 8th Int’l Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo, BATTERY JAPAN- 8th Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo, 7th INT’L SMART GRID EXPO, WIND EXPO 2017-5th Int’l Wind Energy Expo & Conference, 3rd ENERGY MARKET LIBERALISATION EXPO, 2nd INT’L BIOMASS EXPO and 1st THERMAL POWER EXPO-1st Next-generation Thermal Power Generation Expo.

Some 70,000 professionals from the sector are expected to visit, with simultaneous BtoB conferences and seminars are being held on major themes comprising expert panelists. World Smart Energy Week 2017 is welcoming internationally renowned green energy specialists, and influential figures from the business milieu to engage with the business opportunities.

 There are plenty of business opportunities to be seized for Non-Japanese companies in Japan under the clean and green energy sector Banner. All professionals and companies having products in the following domains are welcome participate and visit the expo. to Electricity, energy efficiency; Natural gas,Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Solar energy (cells, modules, panels), according to the organizers.

The list of potential participants also include, Wind energy, Biomass, Hydrogen, Nanotechnologies, Processing technology/products, Storage technology/products, Analytical technology/products, Hydrogen and fuel cell technology, Photovoltaic system integration/installation technology, and technology relating to smart grid systems

Eco-construction products,Insulation, refrigeration, climate control, heating systems, Automation systems, Cogeneration systems and all Products and services consisting of energy efficiency.

 Japan is a country with high purchasing power, and exploring avenues to partner with Global companies on many dimensions. As such, quality and relevance are equally important along with pricing factors, which, for example, allows global companies to explore business and trading options with Japanese counterpart companies, according to the organizers