Lagos to host Cashless Africa Expo 2017

Financial industry thought leaders from more than 40 countries are set to gather for ‘Cashless Africa Expo 2017’ to address the future of finance at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Lagos – Nigeria, March 22 – 23, 2017.

Digital disruption is shifting the balance stay of power in financial services and influencing the way, millions of people bank their money, make payments, remittances and more, in a continent where mobile phone penetration exceed bank accounts and bank cards ownership, combined.
Africa’s highly regulated financial industry now needs to adapt itself to the on-going disruptions in the Fintech space and the increasing demands of young and energetic customers which represent a significant percentage of the continent’s population.

The Cashless Africa conference is a platform for financial services supply side actors to share their innovation, rethink their current models and gain valuable market insight of the African digital financial services market.

Some of the issues to be discussed include, the digital bank and evolution in a Competitive market; the Future of banking, money and payments in Africa; Disruptive technologies and their impact on Financial Services in Africa, according to the organizers.