Ethiopia tourist arrival up 255 % in 2021 3rd quarter

The number of tourists and business travelers arriving Ethiopia during the third quarter of the year 2021 (July to September) has increased by 255 percent compared to same period last year.

In 2020 same third quarter a total of 46,540 people have visited Ethiopia, which the number has dramatically increased to 118,972 in 2021 same period, according to the official data received from the Ministry of Tourism.

During the nine months period of the year 2021 a total of 331,001 individuals have visited Ethiopia, according to the data. Meanwhile during the twelve months of the year 2020 starting January a total of 270, 690 international travelers have visited Ethiopia.

Out of the total 331,000 international travelers arrived Ethiopia during the nine months of 2021, 56.4 percent are African travelers, including 18.2 percent from East African countries, and 11 percent from West Africa.

The travelers from America have also contributed 16.7 percent, of which 16. 7 percent are from North America. Travelers from Europe have also contributed 12.6 percent to the total, while the total number of Chinese travelers were 3.8 percent, according to the data.

The data shows that since January 2021, the number of international travelers arriving Ethiopia has shown increase from one quarter to the next.

Meanwhile it is not clear why the number of travelers has increased dramatically during the third quarters of 2021. Some people suggest that the easing of covid-19 related restrictions globally has contributed to the improvement.

While others argue that the improvement in the political situation of the country, mainly the reversal of the danger the country was facing by the attack of Tigray peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) on the northern command of the Ethiopian army during the last quarter of 2020 (November), has given confidence for international travelers to visit Ethiopia.

The data also shows that the number international travelers visiting Ethiopia during the second quarter of 2020 (from April to June) – before war between TPLF and Ethiopian troops began – has dramatically declined to 6,939 from 120,178 during the first quarter of 2020 (January to March).