Ethiopia opens Tigray skies for flights

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority announced the reinstatement of the air route in Tigray region as of today; December 14, 2020 2 P.M, the Authority said.

The decision to reinstate the air route came after the successful accomplishment of the law enforcement mission by the National Defense Force, according to the press statement from the Authority. The route was closed for flights after the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) militias attacked federal government military command base in Tigray region in the first week of last November to overtake control of the heavy artilleries.

In retaliation, the federal government of Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has launched military offensive, which is concluded in three weeks’ time liberating all the majority of the towns in Tigray region from the TPLF. During the three weeks active battle, TPLF militias have managed to fire rockets to Gondar Airport, Bahir Dar airports, and to the neighboring country Eritrea’s capital, Asmara. As a precaution, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has closed the air route to avoid risk of being planes hit by the rockets.

After the Ethiopian army controlled the capital of Tigray, Mekele City, the leaders of TPLF who are wanted for treason, have left the city. Currently, the army and special force of the federal police are searching to arrest the fugitives and bring them to court.