Road traffic accident claims 20 lives in Ethiopia

A fatal road traffic accident occurred on Sunday in Amhara region of Ethiopia has claimed lives of 24 people while six more have sustained heavy injuries.

The traffic accident has occurred on Sunday (January 23, 2022) afternoon around 4.30 in Wag Himra Bihereseb Administration around Dahana area near Amdework town, according to the state newswire, ENA. The number of people who lost their lives is likely to increase, according to the report, which quoted the traffic officer from the accident area.

It is reported that among the causalities are one year old child, two married couples. Those who are injured are being treated at Amdework Hospital and Sekota Tefera Hailu Hospital. Though the cause of the traffic accident is currently under-investigation, it is likely occurred due to the speed of the car and the poor road of the area, according to the report.

Reports show that Ethiopia is among the countries in the world with high road traffic accidents, which claims over 4,000 lives every year.