Oromia police of Ethiopia kills 142 OLF Shene militias

During the recent operation, Oromia Region Police of Ethiopia has killed 142 militias of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Shene and arrested 64 who were operating in Western part of the country.

It its report Oromia Police Commission also stated that 1,341 logistics support providers 104 were members of TPLF, which attacked Ethiopian Army based in Tigray Region two weeks ago that resulted in ongoing military confrontation with the federal government of Ethiopia.

“As the father of OLF Shene is TPLF, when we get rid of TPLF junta OLF Shene will also be eliminated,” said Oromia Police Commissioner Ararsa Mardasa. During a press conference on Wednesday the Commissioner also stated that 57 weapons including bombs and 681 bullets are seized during the operation.

Following the federal government’s military offensive against the TPLF, Ormia Police has also been engaged in aggressive military operation to clean the western part of the country mainly around Welega area from the Oromo extremist militias know as – OLF Shene.