Ethiopian army rescues 1,000 hostage officers

The National Defense Force of Ethiopia has rescued 1,000 high ranking officers who were kidnapped by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) about a month ago and kept hostage.

Major General Mohammed Tessema, Indoctrination head at the Ethiopian Army stated that among those released by the operation of the army include, northern command deputy head, Brigadier General Adamneh Mengiste, and other line commanders.

It is indicated that the army officers were detained by the TPLF on November 4, 2020 when it launched military attack on the northern command of the army based in Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Before kidnapping and arresting the army officers, the TPLF has organized dinner reception for them on that night according to Major General Mohammed.

After kidnapping them, TPLF has been hiding them in various places until the army finally rescued them at a place called, Adet. Major General Mohammed also noted that a team composed of the federal army and the federal police has been working to capture and bring to court the leaders of TPLF, who are in hideout, according to FBC report.