Ethiopia brings back 259 compatriots from Kuwait

NEWS- The Government of Ethiopia today brings back 259 compatriots from Kuwait who were facing hardship after the global pandemic COVID-19 outbreak.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said State Minister Tsion Teklu received the 259 Ethiopian returnees from Kuwait at Bole International Airport. Senior government officials including State Minister of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ayelech Eshete. Other government offcials have also attended the welcoming ceremony.

Among them are Ministry of Peace State Minister Frealem Shibabaw, Ambassador Shamebo Fitamo, Director General of Middle East Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Director of Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Mohammed Edriss also welcomed the returnees. It is recalled that the Ethiopian government has repatriated 135 of its citizens from Saudi Arabia this weekend on Saturday.