Ethiopia, Kenya leaders inaugurate one stop border post

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya on Wednesday inaugurated the one stop border post in Moyale.

The inauguration of the border post is expected to facilitate trade between the two countries by cutting down inefficiencies at the Moyale border. The two leaders also inaugurated the Hawassa – Moyale 500km asphalt road, which is the Ethiopia component of the Cape to Cairo Trans – Africa highway. Together with the one stop border post infrastructural investment, both aim to boost Ethiopia-Kenya trade ties.

“The Moyale one stop border post & the Hawassa – Moyale road projects are a key ingredient for regional economic integration. Targeted investments in infrastructure & institutional collaboration are critical to strengthening trade ties. This is another new chapter for East Africa,” twitted Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Visiting the Lamu Port, which is a key component of the Lamu, South Sudan, Ethiopia transport corridor, gave me hope that with such infrastructural investments, our regional economic integration aspirations are within reach,” he twitted. Prime Minister Abiy began his two days visit to the neighboring Kenya on Tuesday.