Ethiopia generates $894 million from coffee export

During the first nine months of the currency budget year started July 8, 2021, Ethiopia has generated $894 million from coffee export.

The amount of hard currency Ethiopia has earned from coffee export in nine months almost equal to the country’s earnings last year 12 months, which was $909.4 million. During the nine months period the country has exported over 210,000 tons of coffee, according to the state agency Coffee and Tea Authority. During the nine months Germany was the major buyer of Ethiopian coffee (Coffee Arabica) importing 49,000 tons.

It is indicated that the recent policy change of the Government of Ethiopia, which allowed the farmers’ unions to directly export coffee and / or supply directly to the exporters has contributed to the growth of the income over the past few years.

As a result, the total number of coffee exporters in Ethiopia has increased tenfold reaching 2,000. Currently, most of Ethiopia’s coffee mainly from Oromia region is being exported without the involvement of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), which used to serve as the only trading platform in the country since its establishment by the government in 2008.

In addition, the increment of price in the global coffee market is also mentioned as contributing factor for the growth of the income. Coffee is the major export commodity of Ethiopia. The annual total export income of Ethiopia has been increasing reaching all time high about $3.6 million last year.