Ethiopia export for July increases 20 percent

Ethiopia earned $329 million from export of goods during the month of July, 2021 It is 20 percent more compared with same period the previous year.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia indicated that the earning for the month is $54 million more than the country earned in July 2020. It is indicated that the target for the month by the Ministry was to earn $300.5 million in July 2021.

The export of khat (a stimulant plant), chemical and construction materials, food and pharmaceuticals, oilseeds and meat and dairy products exceeded the target set by the Ministry for the month of July 2021.

The products that accounted for 60% to 99% of the plan were textiles and clothing, cereals and leather and leather products. Metal, engineering and livestock, on the other hand, accounted for less than 60 percent of the target, according to the statement from the Ministry.

The total annual export earnings of Ethiopia has been around $3 billion for the past several years dominated by agricultural commodities mainly coffee, oil seeds, Khat, and flower. Last year for the first time the country exported worth $3.5 billion products of which minerals, mainly gold have generated some $600 million.