Ethiopia earns $916 million from export

Ethiopia has earned a total of $916 million from export of different commodities and electricity over the first four months of the current budget year started July 8, 2019.

Compared to the previous year first four months performance, the income has increased by $101.5 million, according to the information from the Ministry of Trade of Ethiopia. The plan of the Ministry for the first four months period was 1.04 billion.

The major export products of the country, which contributed to the income include, agricultural commodities coffee, oil seeds, chat, flower, Khat / Mirra (stimulus plant), minerals and some manufactured goods including textiles and leather goods, as well as electricity export to neighboring countries.

Over the [past few years Ethiopia’s export income has been declining reaching from it was around 3.2 billion per five years ago to around $2.6 last year.