UAE cybersecurity company launches threat advisory service

Managed FZ LLC, a leading provider of Brand Risk Monitoring, Cybersecurity, and Managed Security Products and Services, announced today the launch of its new Managed Security Advisory (MSA) Service.

The smart threat monitoring and advisory service aims to cut through the noise of threat information overload facing regional IT departments today. The MSA service notifies its clients of threats, vulnerabilities, or security concerns directly impacting their specific infrastructure, with risk mitigation steps to reduce threat impact.

“We have observed that most companies in the GCC region do not benefit from the existing threat advisory services.  Most advisory services are automated and send a very large number of daily alerts, most of which are irrelevant to IT decision makers. Also, a lot of these alerts don’t apply to the GCC region, which has its own set of particular threats and issues.” said Mr. Sameer Hussain, CEO of Managed.

“In addition, some managers might be too busy to review any alerts, even important ones, which could lead to those crucial and relevant alerts and feeds being ignored. Our Managed Security Advisory Service uses a proprietary threat intelligence monitoring and classification engine, along with active human analysis and validation, to isolate the important and relevant threats from the inconsequential ones, and show clients the focused data that is needed to avert a dangerous situation, because all it takes is one little item to go unchecked for a potential data catastrophe to happen.”

Managed’s threat intelligence system collects data feeds from hundreds of vendors, developers, researchers, honeypots, and threat feed providers, with a focus on GCC and regional threats. A smart system matches the client’s specific infrastructure setup and threat information requirements to the incoming feeds using proprietary machine learning algorithms and presents to Managed’s Threat Analyst the alerts that are relevant to the clients.

The Threat Analyst then reviews the alert to ensure that it is relevant and actionable. Once it is confirmed that the alerts and threats impact the client, an advisory is created that includes information on the threat and recommended mitigation actions. The advisory is sent out immediately, with clients being notified through email, SMS and phone calls depending on the urgency of the situation. All of this is monitored 24x7x365 from Managed’s Dubai-based NOC/SOC.

All clients also get a Daily Cybersecurity Briefing that is sent early in the morning, which allows them to become up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity-related incidents and threats, in less than a minute.