Ethiopia launches digital proclamations store

The Government of Ethiopia launches today a digital platform that contains all Ethiopian laws and proclamations of the country passed since 1941.

The software prepared by the federal prosecutor office, works without internet connection after activated online only for the first time.

Federal Attorney General Birhanu Tsegaye, indicated that the software will make easy accessibility of Ethiopia laws ad proclamations. Before the software is introduced, one has to go to the Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise to buy the hard copies of Negarit Gazette, which contains Ethiopian proclamations.

“…The reason we introduced this software is to allow anybody to get access to these proclamations from anywhere in the world,” Mr. Berhanu said.

In a related development, documents authentication and registration agency of the country has also launched online service, which includes up to 15 different services. The system will replace the previous manual services of the agency.