Ethiopia joins 170 countries to celebrate Entrepreneurship Week

Ethiopia is joining more than 170 countries this year to celebrate the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).

This is the eighth consecutive time that Ethiopia has joined this global event to celebrate entrepreneurship through activities taking place throughout the country during the week hosted by various organizations. This year’s GEW will take place from November 12-18, 2018.

This year’s GEW celebration will fall under four themes:

  • Women: GEW Women celebrates female entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, investors and other startup champions, while offering opportunities to expand their networks, identify resources and share knowledge with other women around the world.
  • Youth: GEW Youth celebrates and shapes the next generation of innovators through activities and competitions to help them sharpen their skills and connect them to potential co-founders, mentors and even investors. This theme also celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship education and the teaching of innovative skills.
  • Inclusion: GEW Inclusion will highlight the work startup champions are doing around the world to minimize barriers and obstacles for entrepreneurs by maximizing inclusion. Activities, workshops and speaker series held around the world will explore the obstacles entrepreneurs from under-served populations may face, and discovering solutions through access to success stories, training, capital and mentorship.
  • Ecosystem Connect: GEW Ecosystem Connect aims to inspire communities to collaborate, and share their networks and markets to help their rising startups thrive. This theme celebrates the shared challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world.

As the host organization for GEW, the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) has planned over for 30 events under the four themes mentioned above in all regions of the country targeting various audiences, including over 2,000 micro, small and medium enterprises. The events are expected to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and celebrate the country’s achievements in the sector.

The week-long celebration will also include an event to recognize Ethiopian entrepreneurs in the category of Young Female, Young Male, as well as Seasoned Entrepreneur of the Year. The winners have been selected by the GEW committee following a public call for nominations in those three categories.

The GEW committee comprises the EDC and various public and private stakeholders participating in entrepreneurship development in Ethiopia.