Ethiopia gets first e-booking services for bus transport

In an attempt of solving inconveniences that customers face while travelling from one region to another, Kifiya Financial Technology, a local IT company, introduced a digital booking, payment and ticketing service for 21 bus associations in Ethiopia.

This is indicated last week at Elily Hotel in Addis Ababa by representatives of the Federal Transport Authority (FTA), local technology and services provider Kifiya Financial Technology PLC and the Bus Association of Ethiopia.

Branded, ‘Yene Guzo’ (My journey) the new service brought 21 bus associations in the country, comprising 1,500 buses that will be able now to service an estimated 11,000 people plus daily from five terminals in Addis Ababa – Awtobis Tera, Asko, Ayer Tena, Lamberet and Kality.

In addition to five terminals, it plans in the coming weeks to increase service points by 100 in Addis Ababa and 700 nationally, according to Mr. Munir Duri, CEO of Kifiya Financial Technology PLC.

He indicated that the new service will be one of the first of its kind mass ticketing service in the continent and will give customers an easily accessible and efficient payment and ticketing services. He further noted that the service will soon be accompanied by a mobile phone service, which enables travelers to book and make payment for their journey,

Kassahun Hailemariam Director of Federal Transport Authority (FTA) says travelers going from Addis Ababa to 170 destinations across Ethiopia and vice versa ensuring fairness and legality rein in the bus transport system.

“Hopefully the new e-ticketing system fully solves this problem,” said Berhane Ambaye from the bus association of Ethiopia indicating that most Ethiopians use land transportation and have been dissatisfied with third party involvement and sloppy services.