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Ethiopia believes in peaceful discussion, diplomacy – PM Abiy

Addressing members of parliament this morning on the current situation in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Ab

TPLF lost Hawzen, Abreha Wetsbeha, Wukro, Hewane towns

BREAKING NEWS – The Ethiopian Army has liberated several towns in the three fronts on its way to Me

TPLF to target civilians using Eritrean, Ethiopian army uniforms

Using Ethiopian defense force and Eritrean army uniforms it has produced at Almeda Textiles Factory,

Ethiopian army set free Adigrat town from TPLF

The National Defense Force of Ethiopia today set free the town of Adigrat from the Tigray People Libe

Why Eritrea won’t respond to TPLF provocative missile attack

BY ANDUALEM SISAY GESSESSE – Now that the extremist leaders of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front

Ethiopia reveals more info on petroleum test production

The Government of Ethiopia reveals additional information on the recent petroleum test production in

U.S. Assistant Secretary concludes visit to Ethiopia

U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy has concluded his visit to Ethiopia, said the

Ethiopia’s Tekeze Dam recommences generating 150 megawatts

Two turbines of Tekeze Hydropower Dam of Ethiopia have started generating 150 megawatts of electricit

Mekele to provide jobs for 23,000 youth

Mekele, the Capital of Tigray Region of Ethiopia provides land for investors who are set to create jo