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Ethiopian intelligence foils Al-Shabaab, ISS attacks

Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service (ENISS) has arrested 14 Al Shabaab and Islamic S

U.S. says al-Shabaab spreads false information after airstrike

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) issued a statement indicating that al-Shabaab is releasing

AFRICOM airstrike kills al-Shabaab senior leader

United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) post-strike assessments confirm that one of the three terroris

U.S. airstrike in Somalia kills five al-Shabaab members

The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) conducted an airstrike killing five al-Shabaab terrorists in the vi

Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia leaders met in Asmara

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has arrived Asmara, Eritrea, On Sunday to discuss regional

Ethiopia foils IS, Al Shabaab terrorists’ attack

Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service said it has foiled terrorists’ atta

Ethiopia intel intercepts Al Shabaab’s terror plot in Addis Ababa

The government of Ethiopia said the national intelligence agency has intercepted Al Shabab’s terror

Ethiopian helicopters kill 35 Al Shabaab fighters

UPDATED: Ethiopian Air Force helicopters hit Al Shabaab targets in Somalia, 75 kilometers east of Bai

Ethiopia says 66 Al Shabaab insurgents killed in Kismayo

UPDATED: Ethiopian troops in Somalia along with the Somalia government forces have killed 66 Al Shaba