Sudan releases 78 Ethiopian prisoners

The Transitional Military Council of Sudan has released 78 Ethiopian prisoners, who were in Sudanese jails for many years.

The released Ethiopian prisoners have returned to their country on Friday evening along with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who was mediating the transitional military council of Sudan and the opposition front.

“Finalizing his Sudan visit, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed returned with Ethiopians released from prisons in Sudan. Serving sentences of up to twenty years, the Government of Ethiopia has been negotiating for the release of 78 prisoners over the past few months,” the Office of the Prime Minister twitted.
Reacting to the twitt, “Hopefully the visit has made some sort of positive difference for the people of Sudan, but yeah the lives of 78 Ethiopians is significantly changed. It’s a bid deal!,” twitted one person with twitter handle – Robera.

For the past few months Sudan has been in turmoil after President Omar Al Bashir was sacked by the military last April. After the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia came to power in April in 2018, this is for the second time Sudan has released Ethiopian prisoners. In the first few months of coming to power PM has also travelled to Cairo and returned back with Ethiopian prisoners set free by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt.

During his one day in Sudan, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has advised Sudanese to stick together and united to overcome the current challenge and make the transition to civilian administration peaceful. Media reports show that the Sudanese opposition alliance has accepted the mediation of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy.