Somaliland President urges international community for recognition

Somaliland President Muuse Biixi Abdi urges the international community to recognize his country. Somaliland deserves recognition of the world, as it has demonstrated peace and stability for over two decades in the often troubled Horn of Africa region having effective democratically elected two houses of parliament, argued President Muuse Biixi Abdi.

Speaking this week at The George Washington University in the United States, he noted that
Somaliland has a government, two houses of parliament that were elected, and at the same time there were six elections in the past 22 years that were conducted for free and fair process.

The president of the republic of Somaliland said that there is stability in Somaliland, according to the statement of the Foreign Affairs of Somaliland. “…He talked about the terror explosion that occurred in Hargeisa 2008 and the killing of English teachers who were destroyed in Sheikh Sann school. In 2004, we pointed out that after that, Somaliland’s borders will be out of the east and sea. Remove the terrorist groups and pirates that are at risk in the Horn of Africa.”

The president said that Somaliland has offices in 28 countries in the world, while Hargeisa has offices in Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. He mentioned that the biggest problem Somaliland has is to get international recognition from the international community.”

The statement of the Ministry noted that President Muuse Biixi Abdi along with other delegates has been on official visit to the United States for the past several days. The president also pointed out that Somaliland has a strong guard against the Red Sea and the crossing of Cadmeed which is one of the busiest corridors in the world, according to the statement of the Ministry.

The president of Somaliland, Mr. Muuse Biixi said that the government of the Republic of Somaliland properly collects tax taken from the citizens. …he mentioned that Somaliland is at the same time. building basic social services such as schools, health centers and economic infrastructure in the country.

The president added that in Somaliland’s six major regions 1,000 schools were built and at and a university in every region. The president also clarified that 400 health facilities were built by Somaliland, which is debt free country.

When he was speaking about the investment, President Biixi said that the modernization of Berbera has funded DP World company, which completed the previous phase of the port expansion costing 400 million dollars, while the second phase is on the pipeline. The president clarified that Somaliland wants to have business relations with the countries, which has no sea access in the region.

President Muuse Biixi said that Somaliland does not have dealings with the World Bank of IMF, and they want the businessmen of the country to have no conflicts with the financial institutions, since Somaliland exists as an independent market.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland said that they have urged the American administration to open an office in Somaliland which is important for both sides.

President Biixi called on the USAID and the United Nations to give aid to Somaliland. After his speech, the president answered various questions about Somaliland’s democracy and its development and the reasons his country needs to relate with America, according to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland.