Ethiopian Army brings back 1,500 people exiled to Sudan

The Ethiopian Army says it has helped the return of 1,500 Ethiopians exiled to the neighboring Sudan from western and central Gondar area of Amhara region following the recent conflicts.

The 1,500 Ethiopian were living in shelters in Gelebat and Gedarif area in Sudan following the communal clashes in central and north Gondar area. This is indicated by the head of the 33rd Brigade of the Ethiopian Army, Brigadier General Alemu Ayele, who spoke to the state news agency – Ethiopian News Agency. He indicated that the interrupted transportation of fuel and other goods between Sudan and Ethiopia has now recommenced.

He stated that the joint technical committee of the two countries’ armies found along the border has actively engaged in realization of the return of the 1,500 displaced Ethiopians. He also indicated that the committee is currently working to bring home additional 200 displaced Ethiopians found in Sudan.

Over the past few years many parts of Ethiopia have witnessed communal conflicts which has led to internal displacement of millions and forced thousands to excel to the neighboring countries. Recent report presented to the national parliament released the involvement of some politicians in fueling conflicts and using the displaced people as hostage to demand the federal government fulfil certain preconditions to release the displaced resettle back to their original places. The report also indicated that several hundred suspected of causing the displacement are arrested while many more are expected to be detained.