Ethiopia urges Sudanese to avoid division

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed calls on Sudanese people to avoid division and work together towards one united Sudan.

“I truly believe it is a critical time to work together towards one united Sudan without any room for divisions among yourselves,” said PM Abiy today, in his message to the neighboring people of Sudan. “Extending the practice of inclusive dialogue with all other stakeholders will facilitate the path to a strengthened, united and democratic Sudan. Through continuous dialogue, differing ideas can be narrowed down towards one Sudan, one people, all working towards a common direction.

“Any differences should only be in ideas and not in administration. It is also important to also ensure that any differences in ideas that arise are also dealt with peacefully and patiently to come towards mutual understanding and alignment, Abiy said, appreciating the people of Sudan for your resilience in leading change within your country,” he said.

“I also appreciate you for being committed to engaging peacefully in this process. Your efforts to voice your demands in a responsible manner is a reflection of your aspirations for a strengthened and democratic Sudan.”

“I would also like to express my admiration of the military council overseeing the transition, for its efforts in heeding the call of the Sudanese people. This is testament to the importance of listening to your people closely while working together for a common goal. The initiative to also hold inclusive discussions with competing political parties in Sudan is also noteworthy,” said, Prime Minister Abiy of the neighboring Ethiopia, who is also combating with the fruits of ethnic politics to unite Ethiopians and impliment his reforms.

After the military removes President Al Bashir last week, Sudan has been under the leadership of the transitional military council, which abolished the constitution and began discussions with the opposition and the media as well as begins releasing political prisoners.

After 30 years of leading Sudan President Al Bashir is overthrown following the continuous street protests of the people of Sudan who are struggling with high cost of living. The recent protest began following the rise bread price about a month ago.