Ethiopia can’t undermine Geopolitics Press investigation

The Press Secretary of the Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia, Billene Seyoum said she can’t undermine the latest investigative report by Geopolitics Press about the covert operation based in Nairobi, Kenya that is reportedly working for a regime change in Ethiopia and is engaged in tarnishing the image of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“With regards to what Geopolitics Press in terms of covert operations, I can’t not speak to what others publish. But I can give you the perspective that somehow it falls into the perspective that we hold that Ethiopia is being depicted and portrayed and represented in a very inaccurate way,” she said.

“And this is being channeled through lobbyist firms that the TPLF has hired through looted money from the coffers of the nation. It has been channeled through their operatives and their agents that they have established longstanding with over the past 27 years of their tenure. So, I cannot undermine that there might be this kind of thing,” Billene said.

“But in terms of the overt expressions particularly in the portrayal of Ethiopia in the international stage, I do believe that there is orchestrated engagement to tarnish the reputation of the Prime Minister, the administration, as well as the country,” she said.

Billene made the comment this afternoon reflecting on the recent investigation by Geopolitics Press about the covert operation based in Nairobi, Kenya that is reportedly engaged in production and disseminations of fake reports against the Government of Ethiopia led by prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Meanwhile she didn’t mention if the Government of Ethiopia has so far approached the neighboring Government of Kenya to find out about the existence of C2FC, which is accused of working for a regime change in Ethiopia replicating the Basma project executed in Libya years ago.

She further indicated that Prime Minister Abiy’s admiration is not changed and committed to its democratization and reform agenda launched three years ago. She urged the international community to separate the wheat from the chaff in this age of disinformation.

“This is an opportunity particularly for policy makers particularly those within policy making capacity within the international community to separate between the wheat and the chaff. Because it is really important in this age of disinformation perpetrated within social media to be aware of what are …and contexts of this country and personalities as well. The Government remains very open for to engage in a constructive manner with those who want to understand better what is happening on the ground” Billene said.