Ethiopia appoints new defense, foreign ministers

Reshuffling his cabinet for the third time since coming to power a year ago, the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia today appointed new foreign affairs, defense and construction ministers.

This morning the Ethiopian Parliament has approved the appointment of three ministers. The current President of Oromia Region, Lemma Megersa, is appointed to serve as Defence Minister of Ethiopia, while Gedu Andargachew, the former President of Amhara Region has become Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia.

Both Lemma and Gedu often mentioned as, Team Lemma, are reportedly played critical role in the reform that ended the 27 years plus domination of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) within the ruling coalition the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

While Lemma and Aisha have appeared to the Parliament to sworn in, Gedu Andargachew dint show up this morning. This morning the Parliament has also appointed the former head of Afar Region and current Defense Minister Aisha Mohammed to serve as Housing and Construction Minister of Ethiopia. Before approving the appointees few members of the parliament have raised their concerns about the frequent change of ministers.

Lemma born in Welega, Sire area, first degree in economics from Ethiopian Civil Service University and second degree from Addis Ababa University in International Relations. He was also studying his Peace and Security as PhD student at the Addis Ababa University before he was forced to dropout because of workload. He served as Oromia Police Commission Commissioner and Oromia Trade Bureau as well as Speaker of the Oromia Parliament, among others.

Shimelis Abdisa, Chief of Staff at the PM Office, is now appointed as Deputy President of Oromia Region. He will be serving as acting president for the region replacing Lemma Megersa.

Farewell dinner for Lemma Megersa in Adama City this evening
Farewell dinner for President of Oromia Lemma Megersa in Adama City this evening -Photo _FanaBC

Born in Wollo, Gedu Andargachew Alene, 50, has first degree in Education Administration from Ethiopian Civil Service University and second degree in organizational leadership. Among the positions he served in Amhara Region are, Amhara Information Bureau head, agriculture head and deputy head of Amhara Region.

After Workineh Gebeyehu took UN chief position in Nairobi Office about a month ago, Ethiopia’s foreign minister position has been run by the state ministers.

Born in Afar Region of Ethiopia, Aisha Mohammed Mussa, has first degree in Civil Engineering and master Degree in Transformational Leadership and Change. She was in charge of in Afar Region as head of disaster prevention and food security.

At federal level she has served as, Culture and Tourism Minister, Construction Minister and recently served as Defense Minister for less than a year after PM Abiy came to power. Currently she is also serving as chairwoman of Afar Democratic Party, which is one of the five affiliate parties of EPRDF.