Deputy Mayor slums allegations of manipulating dev’t projects

Concurrent inauguration of development projects is an outcome of improved execution capacity while their scheduling is a mere coincidence with General Elections rather than deliberate attempt to win votes, said Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie.

At the inauguration event of a one billion worth sport facilities at Ferensay Chefe, Afincho Ber and Ras Hailu international swimming pool on Friday, the Deputy Mayor stated that some elements are defaming the effort as an attempt to win votes.

The booming of inaugurated projects has achieved performances based on the desired target and deployment of human resource ever since the beginning of the fiscal year, she noted.

Mentioning that the projects are public queries that need great concern of the government, Adanech said that relevant authorities have been on the forefront to swiftly realize the operation phase.

Having taken lessons and scaling up best practice of swiftly inaugurated projects and if the citizenry is ready to redouble efforts, the Deputy Mayor insisted that there would be no thwarts to make Ethiopia prosperous.

The timely completion of projects signifies the country’s autonomy as it would help to get rid of those who poke noses on internal affairs under the pretext of aid, Adanech added.

Recalling that the sport centers have been a mere fenced areas and projects in infancy stage that discourage ambition of the youth she said adding that the inspiration and bright hopes of the public in the inauguration witnessed how the past was desperate and in vain.

The Ras Hailu International pool which is reported to cost 109 million Birr has a standard to host global competition and new athletics for Ethiopians to make history.

Adanech further said that there will be numerous projects to be inaugurated until the end of this fiscal year; so far more than 2,500 projects have gone operational.

Of projects that have been inaugurated on Friday the 46 were commenced in the fiscal year while others were begun before and delayed to operate under circumstances, it was stated. (EPA)