Coca Cola to introduce Schweppes Novida in Ethiopia

The Coca Cola company is set to introduce Schweppes Novida Pineapple in Ethiopia. The a new non-alcoholic malt beverage is new to the Ethiopian market after the factory, which used to produce Schweppes with a pineapple flavor left the market some years ago.

The company seized it operations after the Coca Cola Company bought overseas rights of the Swiss beverage brands such as, Crush, Schweppes Pineapple and the like from Cadbury Schweppes about two decades ago.

The Company, which is one of the key players in the beverage industry of Ethiopia, will be introducing its new product on Thursday evening at Marriott Hotel, Addis Ababa, where invited guests will test the new product. Coca Cola Company officials are expected to brief the media about Schweppes Novida Pineapple beverage at the event, according to the information from the organizer of the event – 251 Communications.

Media reports show that over the past years Coca Cola has been introducing Schweppes Novida Pineapple in different African markets including in the neighboring Kenya in 2008 and in Zimbabwe in 2015, among others.