Ethiopia invites Israelis to invest in telecom, energy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia invites Israeli investors to consider investment in his country in telecom, energy, aviation and logistics sectors.

Prime Minister Abiy made the call today in Jerusalem meeting his counter part Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. “In Ethiopia we have given due emphasis to widening the business space for the private sector to engage in all. In this context we look forward to Israeli investors to participate in key industries as well as in the sector of telecom, aviation, logistics and energy, which we have opened for partial privatization,” PM Abiy said.

“I strongly believe that the overall relation between Ethiopia and Israel guided by strategic partnership should focus on key areas such as, modern agriculture, irrigation ICT, health sector and tourism,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his part also stated that his government will encourage Israeli investors to go and invest in Ethiopia.

“We want to work as partners…We want as many Israelis go to Ethiopia and invest in your dream, in your vision. Because we believe that it can be realized, said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu… indicating that his country is also cooperating on security, agriculture,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

“I really believe that the only way to take our people up is to open our economies and to open up our societies and let the natural enterprises embedded in our people…We saw the changes in Israel the minute we did that. I see already the interest of investors to invest in Ethiopia because of what you are doing…I will encourage Israeli investors to do that. And we should talk if anything we can do to remove barriers to these activities,” Netanyahu said.

In the presence of the two Prime Ministers, this afternoon the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Israeli and Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia have signed cooperation agreement. After meeting PM Natanyahu, laying a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance to honor the victims of the Holocaust, PM Abiy shared important lessons must be drawn to counter toxic thinking and actions that led to such a devastating part of history.