Ethiopia host international air safety meeting

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, which is in charge of the air safety of the country, hosted a four-day international workshop on improvement of a fundamental safety oversight system.

The workshop opens today at the Ethiopian Aviation Academy focuses on the area of Accident Investigation (AIG).

Opening the workshop, Director General of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, Col. Wossenyeleh Hunegnaw noted that the workshop would play a vital role in terms of acquiring knowledge and experience and adopting them in their own respective countries.

Latter, the Director General expressed his gratitude for their presence thereby wishing them to have a successful deliberation and a pleasant stay here in Addis Ababa.

The four day workshop will entertain various presentations on Airplane accidents, fundamental safety systems, recommended principles and procedures and other vital theories, it was learnt.

Present in the workshop are ranking aviation officials of African and Indian Ocean countries directly working in Airplane safety areas, invited guests, the media, among others.

The workshop has followed a week after its air traffickers have announced strike in different parts of the country. Following the notice of the strike, on August 25, 2018 the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has issued a statement condemning the strike as illegal.

“Meanwhile; we want to assure all our customer airlines with both scheduled and unscheduled flight services and all our passengers that we have made enough preparations for alternative measures which enables us to continue with full air traffic management services in a business as usual manner.”

“Our airspace management system will continue to operate on its daily activities without any compromise on the usual services and all scheduled and unscheduled flights will continue to operate as planned,” the authority said in its FB page post.

Today, Ethiopian Airlines has also announced that the airspace of the country is safe.

Meanewhile, it is not yet clear if all the demands of the employees, which includes salary and bonuses, have have been accepted by the Authority or the job is being done by volunteers.

“We take this opportunity to thank the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority management, the volunteer ATC experts and all other stakeholders for the successful coordination, which enabled our country to continue business as usual in our airspace management.” Ethiopian Airlines said.

[Additional from ECAA FB page)