Two people die at construction site in Addis Ababa

Two people die in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, this morning at a construction site landslide accident.

The two people died at a construction site landslide inside Addis Ababa University Undergraduate School of Journalism and Communications. Satcon Construction private company has been engaged in the construction buildings inside the University, according to the state broadcaster ETV. The report indicated that the accident happened this morning around 10.30. Arada Sub city police commander Yenework Gared stated that the police are working to find out the identities of the victims.

As the construction industry has been booming in Ethiopia, mainly in major cities like Addis Ababa, accidents at construction sites have become common leading to death of many construction workers. Studies also suggest that construction safety has become a major concern in Ethiopia.

“Most of the construction companies do not have written safety policy, safety officer, health and safety committee, hazard identification and reporting program, and properly placed safety signs,” according to a study by Addis Ababa University students.

Entitled, “Occupational Safety and Health in Ethiopian Construction Industry: A Case Study on Addis Ababa and Welkite ” the study conducted in 2014 by Sermolo, Seifedin concludes that “poor working conditions and environment, and lack of personal protective equipment are the main causes of accidents in the construction sector. On the other hand, foot and hand injuries, and falling from heights are the more frequently occurring types of accidents in the industry.”