Ethiopia COVID-19 death increases to five

The total number of people died from coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ethiopia has increased to five after one new death is reported today.

One of the male patients who was 65 years old and resident of Addis Ababa has passed away, according to the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia in its daily COVID-19 status update indicated that over the last 24 hours 16 new coronavirus cases are confirmed. During the last 24 hours the Ministry has conducted COVID-19 laboratory test for 2,383 individuals suspected of having the virus.

Out of the 16 new coronavirus infected Ethiopians nine are female. While 13 of them are residents of Addis Ababa, two from Southern part of Ethiopia Butajira area and one is from Amhara Region, Weldiya area.

Two of the 16 new infected people have international travel history, one has no priori international travel history or contact with COVID-19. The remaining 13 individuals are reported to have contact with the people found infected by the virus.

Currently a total of 210 people are confirmed COVID-19 positive in Ethiopia so far and over 90 have recovered.

In a related development Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia expressed his gratitude to the United States for supporting effort of his country to combat the global pandemic. “I appreciate the multifaceted support the US Government is providing to Ethiopia in mitigating the adverse effects of COVID-19. It is through partnerships and collective leadership that we will all overcome,” he twitted this morning.