Ethiopia bans cooking oil, children foods brands


The food and drugs regulatory authority of Ethiopia has banned several food products and brands from the market for failing to meet standards.

The products banned from the market are found without proper labels that indicates manufacturer address and other related requirements of the authority. The Authority indicated that most of these products are produced and distributed in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The Authority has urged the public not to consume the products banned. It also advised the public to the police using 8482 SMS line whenever they found the banned products in the market to inform. The items banned are cooking oil, children foods, honey, salt and peanut butter. Ten kinds (brands) of children foods, seven kinds of salt, twelve types of peanut butter and eleven kinds of cooking oil and six brands of honey.

The Authority on its social media page has listed names of the following banned products.
The Children food brands banned are- Fikir Mitin, Mass Children food, Tewedaj hayl Sechina Genbi yehitsanat migib, Sime yehitsanat Mitin Genfo, Family hayl Sechina Genbi yehitsanat migib, Abadir, Hirut Hitsanat, Hirut Baltina, Ayu Lelijoch yetezegaje Mitin migib, Michu 100 percent yizetun Yetebeke Yehitsanat Migib and nourish your babies fiker.

The salt brands banned are – Shoa Table Salt, Greep Iodized Salt, Sname Iodized table Salt, Abate Iodized Salt, Refined and iodized woef table Salt, Mirt Yegebeta Chew and Abet Yegebeta Chew.
The peanut butter banned from the market are – Eden, Tsige, Tsegaye, Matif, Misrak, tadelle, Mieraf Yetashegu Migboch, Hibret, Desta, Sara, Senait and Abyssinia Peanut Butter.

The banned cooking oil brands are- Tsedey, Nur, Omega, Kibe Lemine, Sebir, Yamu, Mera, Fitsum Kemer, Negra and Kebelemen.

The honey brands banned are – Habesha, Terses, Nitsuh mar, Ethio, Mar and Right Honey.