Third round green legacy campaign in progress


The government of Ethiopia is carrying out the third phase green legacy initiatives nationwide having finalized preparations for the campaign.

Various states have started the third phase of the green legacy campaign. For instance Oromia state is set to plant 4.3 billion seedlings in this round green legacy initiative, according to State Agriculture Bureau.

Oromia State Agricultural Bureau Deputy Head Endalkachew Teferi told Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that all the necessary preparations have been finalized in a bid to realize the main objective of the campaign .

The past two phases were accomplished with great success combining with active participation of the society, he said.

Accordingly, from among 3.2 billion planted seedlings during the past two phases over 84 percent of them were prolific. This year, over 1.9 billion holes have been prepared to plant the saplings in collaborating with concerned bodies. He also indicated that over 468, 000 hectares of land has been made ready for the saplings and over 280 million saplings have been so far planted prior to the campaign.

Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) Government Communications Affairs Bureau Head Senait Solomon on her part said that following the nationwide green legacy initiative themed: “Let’s adorn Ethiopia,” the state is set to plant over 1.5 billion seedlings this round. Accordingly, over 1.3 billion seedlings have been prepared and over 479 million holes have been dug, she noted.

This year’s campaign has already been launched and over 215 million seedlings have been already planted , she indicted.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) called up on Ethiopians to actively participate in the national planting program and leave their legacy on the efforts geared towards realizing the vision of coming up with green, beautiful, fabulous and prosperous Ethiopia.

“As this is a timely national call for change, all Ethiopians have to leave their fingerprint on the green legacy targeting at ensuring Ethiopia’s Prosperity,” the premier underlined.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who came to Ethiopia for working visit also planted tree seedlings at Entoto Park, one of greenery and beautification projects of the country. According to the Premier, one billion seedlings have been prepared for neighboring countries as part of making the tree planting drive regional.

The Ethiopian Herald June 29/2021