Ethiopia launches $7 billion energy, road projects

Ethiopia launches $7 billion energy, road projects


Ethiopia launches $7 billion public private partnership (PPP) projects that focus on new road construction and energy development, said the Office of Public Private Partnership.

Out of the 17 projects approved by the office 3 focuses on transport while the remaining are related to energy. The projects will be open to potential bidders and their implementation is expected to be started this year, according to Fana Broadcasting, which quoted Dr. Teshome Tafesse, the Director of Office of Ethiopian Public Private Partnership.

The 17 projects are the first PPP in Ethiopia since the Office of Ethiopian Public Private Partnership is recently established.

The $445 million 160 kilometers from Measo to Dire Dawa express road, the $440 million from Adama to Awash 125 kilometers and the $230 million 72 kilometers from Awash to Measo are the road projects expected to be open for bidders, according to Fana.

The power projects incudes, the $1.2 billion 424 megawatts Halele Warabessa hydropower, $984 million 798 megawatts Dabus hydropower, the $793 million 469 megawatts Genale Dawa 5 hydropower generation and the $729 million 280 megawatts Chemoga Yeda 1 and 2 hydropower generation.

The projects also include several new solar power developments such as, the Welenchiti and Weranso solar power projects each generating 150 megawatts with a total cost of $330.

In addition, six other solar projects with generation capacity ranging from 100 megawatts to 150 megawatts and total construction cost of $840 million will also be constructed in different parts of the country, including cities like Mekele, Metema, Hurso and Metehara, among others.