Food inflation in Ethiopia increases to 22.2 percent

Food inflation rate in Ethiopia has increased to 22.2 percent for the month of March 2020 from 20.9 percent the previous month, the state agency said.

The data of the Central Statistics Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) shows that food inflation rate has been growing every month since last year. Last year same period (March 2019 food inflation rate in Ethiopia was 11.5 percent.

Except wheat almost all other cereals prices rose (specially, teff, maize and Sorghum) during the current month. Slight declines were observed in meat prices. Some of the important vegetable types such as onions, garlic, potato and pepper whole showed an increase in prices during the current month, according to CSA.

Overall inflation rate in Ethiopia for the Month of march 2020 has also increased by one percent compared to the previous month reaching 18.3 percent. general inflation last year same period (march 2019) was 12.6 percent.

CSA stated that the rise in Inflation in the non-food component is steadily increasing in the recent months mainly due to rise in the prices of alcohol and tobacco, stimulants (Khat), clothing and footwear, house rent, housing repair and maintenance, and energy (firewood and charcoal), and household goods and furnishings and medical care.