Ethiopia unveils independent economic advisory members

The Government of Ethiopia today unveils sixteen members of independent economic advisory council of Ethiopia, who will assist the government boost economy and end poverty.

The council of professionals will consult and guide the implementations of the recent launched home grown ten years development strategy, among others. The independent scholars which involves renowned economists, also aim to help the government to design appropriate poverty to end poverty in short period of time.

Following the invitation made by the Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia 290 professionals have applied of which 16 are selected, according to the statement from the PM office. The announcement came days after the Council of Ministers has approved a ten years economic roadmap, which aims to make Ethiopia one of the prosperous countries in Africa after a decade.

The sixteen scholars selected by the government to serve as members of the independent economic advisory council involves world renowned scientists and professionals. The members are Professor Gebissa Ejeta, Professor Alemayehu Geda, Professor Birhanu Abegaz, Professor Melaku Desta, Professor Seid Hassen, Dr. Tadelle Ferede, Professor Tasew Weldehana, Dr. Alemayehu Seyoum, Dr. Alula Pankhurst, Dr. Dima Negewo, Dr. Eleni Gebre-Medhin, Professor Lemma Weldesenbet, Dr. Rahel Kassahun, Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Dr. Yonas Biru, and Helaway Tadesse.