Ethiopia PM promises to address food, housing shortage

Ethiopia PM promises to address food, housing shortage


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia today said his administration is working to address food and housing shortage in the country.

Addressing members of the parliament this morning, Prime Minister Abiy indicated that in a few moths time the people in the capital, Addis Ababa and around will be getting affordable bread in bulk when a new bakery with a capacity of making one million breads per day will go operational.

He further stated that in addition to the new bakery by a private company set to enter the market with the support of the government, the King of United Arab Emirates has also supported Ethiopian government to introduce one of the biggest bakery with a potential of ten million loafs of bread per day.

To address the severe housing shortage in the country, the Government of Ethiopia in collaboration with the private sector is going to build hundreds of thousands of houses soon.

“We will build perhaps twice the total number of houses the government has built so far in collaboration with the private sector,” he said. The houses include addressing housing problem of employees in Hawassa Industrial Park in the southern part of Ethiopia.

He indicated that in Addis Ababa, a big housing project by a Chinese government company will be built targeting high class and the diplomatic community that of the two billion dollars housing project I the capital by a company from the United Arab Emirates.

Under its subsidized affordable housing program introduced around the year 2005, Ethiopia government has built ad distributed over 170,000 condominium houses, according to reports.

The Prime Minister also indicated that construction of over four thousand houses will be completed in the coming few months in Addis Ababa to be distributed for those currently living of the streets of the capital.

PM Abiy, who recently won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, also stated that his government will also focus on addressing unemployment and improving productivity in the coming months.