Amhara, Afar regions of Ethiopia ink cooperation deal

The leaders of Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia have signed a partnership deal that will allow them to cooperate towards achieving peace, security, economic and social development.

Leader of Afar Region, Awol Arba and the leader of Amhara Region Temesgen Tiruneh have signed the agreement. The two neighboring regions connected by 26 weredas (districts) have also unveiled joint development projects to be implemented during the current Ethiopian budget year started July 8, 2019, according to the state broadcaster EBC report.

The report stated that though the two regions have huge natural resources and potential for economic developments, insecurity and conflicts along the borders have been hampering the two regions from utilizing properly the opportunities.

It is stated that Job creation and attaining economic development in both regions and changing the lives of the people of the two regions are at the center of the agreement.

Mr. Temesgen appreciated the efforts of Afar Regional states for actively engaging in the production of cotton and wheat, among others by utilizing the Awash River for irrigation.

Mr. Awol on his part stated that the new deal between the two regions will allow Afar to utilize the trained human resources in Amhara region for economic development of both regions.