70 Ethiopian migrants die traveling to Yemen

A small boat accident in the Red Sea on Saturday night caused the death of 70 Ethiopians migrants heading to the war-torn Yemen.

Most of the migrants were from Ethiopia’s northern part Tigray region, according to the state broadcaster _ ETV. Reports show that 60 of the 70 causalities are from Atsbi Wenbereta area of Tigray region. Tigray Region communications office has also confirmed the death indicating that 40 of the causalities were from the region.

Mainly because of unemployment and economic problems, Ethiopians have been migrating to the Middle East, South Africa and Europe. Following the crisis in Yemen, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been engaged in humanitarian airlifts bringing home stranded Ethiopian migrants.
At the end of last January, the IOM stated that as part of its voluntary humanitarian return program, it plans to assist more than 3,000 migrants stranded in Yemen.