Suspect human rights offenders in Ethiopia appear court

Suspect human rights offenders in Ethiopia, who have been in custody for the past few weeks, Maasho Kidane and Adush Kassa appeared Lideta court in Addis Ababa on Wednesday.

The prosecutor indicated that so far it has collected testimonies of over 30 victims against the two suspects. In order to gather additional testimonies and collect information about the wealth the suspected have accumulated illegally, the prosecutor has requested the court for an additional 14 days of investigation.

The lawyers of the suspects opposed the additional investigation days indicating that what the prosecutor is trying to do is similar with what it has listed as already completed so far.

The prosecutor on its part indicated that the additional investigation period is needed because the nature of the committed crime is complicated. Finally the court has given 12 additional days for the prosecutor to complete the remaining activities.

In a related development, other human rights violation suspects who used to work in the national intelligence, Addis Ababa and federal police have also appeared at Lideta 10th criminal bench. The police have listed to the court the activities it has accomplished so far and requested an additional 14 days to continue its investigations and gather more testimonies and evidences against the suspects.

Among the suspects under custody are 33 including Goh Atsbeha. The police have classified the cases against the suspects in three categories. In the first category are 16 suspects, the second file contains cases of 6 suspects and the third one deals with the case of the remaining 11 suspects.

In the past two weeks the police have collected testimonies of over 90 victims of which 75 were in Bahir Dar and Gondar cities of Amhara Region, while 14 are in Shashemene of Oromia Region. The police have also indicated that it has gathered testimonies from prisoners currently serving in Kaliti prison in Addis Ababa.

In relation to the fire accident at Kilinto prison in Addis Ababa, the police have stated that it has collected different evidences. It has also differentiated the roles of each suspect in the alleged crimes. As the human rights crimes were occurred at national level in different parts of the country, the police indicated that it will continue gathering evidences and testimonies in the coming days.

The police have also indicated that collecting ad compiling medical evidences will also be done in the coming days. The victims are also expected to point out individual suspects who committed human rights crimes against them.

The court finally indicated that it will look into the case ad respond to the additional investigation period request on Thursday.

In relations to the grand corruption charges related to the military company, Metal Engineering Corporation (METEC), the prosecutors has opened charges against one lady, Tigst Tadesse. The prosecutor has also indicated that it has prepared grand corruption charges against Mr. Cherinet Dana, Mr. Remedan Musaand and Colonel Desse Zeleke.

Indicating that the evidences collected against the three individuals are too many, the prosecutor requested he court to get an additional five days to provide the copies of the evidences to the court, according to Walta’s report.

The court finally gave the prosecutor additional two days to bring all its evidences and open charges against the three suspects.