Ethiopia’s “TPLF junta” uses under 18 child militias

The leaders of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), which are described as “stingy junta” by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has used under 18 years old child militias to fight the face Ethiopian army.

Major General Mohammed Tessema, Indoctrination Ethiopian Armed Forces today indicated that the TPLF has used under 18 years old children as militia. He made the remark updating the media on the military operation, Ethiopian Army is “dragged into by TPLF” this week.

In a related development, Ethiopia – Sudan Humera corridor, which “the TPLF leaders were planning to use for escaping”, is controlled today by the Ethiopian Army, according to General Mohammed.

The operation of Ethiopian army will be concluded when those who committed human right abuses, robbed the nation face trial for their crimes, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who described the TPLF leaders hiding in Tigray Region now, as “small group of stingy Junta”.