Ethiopian police captures $182,000 cash at Somalia border

UPDATED _ The Ethiopian customs office at Togochale border to Somalia has captured $182,247 (United States dollar notes) from individuals who were trying to take the cash out of the country illegally.

In addition, 235,375  Saudi riyal and 110, 920 United Arab Emirates dirham is also captured by the customs offcers. The cash was captured in a vehicle with two individuals at the Togochale border, according to the state broadcaster, ETV. The two men arrested smuggling the money are named Abdurehman Kasim Aden and Abdulkadir Abdullahi Anan, according to Customs latest report.

The report also indicated that other two countries currencies was also captured by the customs police last week. Togochale in one of the routes for contraband traders from both countries.In a related development, the customs office at the Bole International Airport has captured millions of cash of different countries including, 2,360,334 U.S. dollar, 332,310 Euro, 115, 917 Saudi riyal, 24,320 British pound and 1.5 million Ethiopian birr in the past seven months.

The currencies were captured from individuals who were trying to take out of Ethiopia illegally. according to the police program on ETV transmitted on Sunday, which estimated the total value of all currencies captured at reach 83.8 million Ethiopian birr.

In addition, the customs at the airport has also captured other items leaving the country illegally including, chat, minerals, coffee and honey, among others, which cumulatively is estimated 90.2 million Ethiopian birr.

From the people who tried to import different items illegally without paying taxes, the Addis Ababa Airports customs police has also seized worth a total of 90 million Ethiopian birr in the past seven months. The items include, jewelries of gold and silver made, as well as silver-plated items, gold and silver products mobile apparatus and shisha.

One is not allowed to carry more than 100 grams of jewelries, according to the Ethiopian customs law. If such item is more than 100 grams of same product, one is expected to pay taxes.