Ethiopian intelligence seizes smuggled guns, $700,000 cash

The National intelligence and security service of Ethiopia and the police today capture 28 Kalashnikov guns, 459 Turkish-made pistols and $700,000 in cash from smugglers.

The weapons and the cash were captured from smugglers who were trying to bring into the capital, Addis Ababa. Along with the smugglers of the weapons was member of a terrorist group who entered Ethiopia, according to the state broadcaster – ETV prime-time report. Meanwhile the report didn’t mention the name of the terrorist group.

The weapons captured were meant to be used to undertake terrorist acts in Addis Ababa at a public gathering, according to the report. The report indicated that the intelligence and the police have managed to capture the criminals based on the information they got from the public.

The Officer who explained about the arrest urged the public to be cautious of participating in public gatherings and demonstrations called on social media, which can be used as an opportunity by terrorist groups or people who intend to create chaos and instability in the country.

Before attending any gathering, demonstration or meeting, the Officer advised the public to make sure if the public gathering they are planning to attend is authorized by the government and has enough security presence that protect them.