Ethiopian customs seizes $7 million illegal goods in one month

Ethiopian customs seizes $7 million illegal goods in one month


Ethiopian Customs Commission has seized over 268 million Birr (about $7 million) worth contraband goods from illegal traders in one month.

The goods are captured from smugglers from November 10 to December 9, 2020, according to the report of Ministry of Revenue. Out of the total goods worth 214 million Birr are captured from contraband traders who were trying to smuggle in various commodities into Ethiopia. Close to 55 million Birr goods were captured from illegal traders who were captured smuggling the products from Ethiopia illegally.

Electronics, cars, clothes, food, and drinks are among the goods captured from the illegal traders who are seized smuggling the goods into the country. Jigjiga, Hawassa, Moyale, Dire Dawa, Awash are among the customs check pints the goods are captured.

During the 30 days narcotic drugs, agricultural products, livestock, minerals and currencies of different countries were among the products seized by the Customs Commission of Ethiopia while leaving the country.