Ethiopian custom seizes $39,700 illegal cash

The customs officers at the Togochale customs post in the eastern part of Ethiopia bordering Somalia seized $39,700 cash from an individual who was trying to smuggle out the cash.

When captured the individual was hiding the money inside his walking boots, according to the information from the Customs Authority of Ethiopia. The person caught last night with the illegally cash is named Adnan Siraj Mohammed. He was leaving Ethiopia with Isuzu truck plate number Oro _ 3-50322. The report stated that the Customs officers have deposited the confiscated money in the state owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

In the last nine months the Ethiopian Customs Authority has seized worth 182.7 million birr foreign currency held illegally. Out of the total about 174.4 million birr valued forex was captured from people who were trying to take the cash out of Ethiopia, according to customs report. The foreign currencies captured include U.S. dollar, Euro, Dirham, Saudi Arabian Riyad, Sudanese pound and Djibouti Franc, Canadian dollar and Nigerian Naira, among others.